Summit Themes

The summit has seven main themes:

  • Experiences in the use of evidence: How is evidence being used? What sort of evidence is most useful, and what is not? What are the opportunities and challenges to using evidence? What approaches are being used to institutionalize the use of evidence? How can organizational incentives be changed to encourage use of evidence?


  • Promoting policy uptake of research findings: What can and should researchers and intermediary organizations do to promote uptake of research in policy and practice communities?  What are the best approaches to stakeholder and media engagement?  How can evidence-based guidelines be developed?


  • Knowledge translation: What are effective approaches of knowledge translation to promote use of evidence? How should tools such as evidence portals, policy briefs, evidence and gap maps be used? Who is the target audience for different evidence products?


  • Measuring policy impact: How do we measure the impact of research and advocacy? How should organizations measure their impact?


  • Critical appraisal of evidence: What are the best approaches to teaching critical appraisal to different audiences? What critical appraisal tools are available?


  • New evidence: Presentations of new evidence from primary studies and evidence synthesis.


  • Methods: Innovative approaches to qualitative and quantitative synthesis. Beyond systematic reviews: diversifying evidence products.