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8.1 Results for America: building a culture of evidence in the United States

Friends, The Light
September 28, 2016
9:00 am - 10:15 am



The use of data and evidence in policymaking has begun to take hold in the United States, with mechanisms being established at the federal, state and local levels to shift more funding toward programs proven to work. This bipartisan movement started with initiatives in the George W. Bush Administration and expanded during the Obama Administration, with support from both parties in Congress. Cities around the United States are also demanding support to use data and evidence to improve outcomes, as evidenced by the success of What Works Cities, an initiative that will support 100 cities in building capacity to improve outcomes. This panel will discuss some of the successes in promoting evidence-based policymaking in the United States, including the establishment of the Evidence-Based Policymaking Commission, and a discussion about what may lie ahead following the 2016 election.