Featured sessions

What Works–Health and wellbeing in schools

Making change: how to campaign to make policy makers listen and act

Knowing if we are doing the right things right in humanitarian action: experiences with big and rapid data in fragile and conflict affected areas

What works in education? And how is the evidence being used?

Accountability for evidence in policy making: Getting the government to show their workings

Putting Evidence to Work for Politicians: What Works in Knowledge Translation?

Evidence on people’s views and experiences of public services: Innovative approaches and lessons from guideline development 

What It Takes to be an Effective School Principal and How to Build One: A Synthesis of Recent Evidence

Using Tablet Technology to Build and Monitor Financial Capabilities at the Base of the Pyramid: An Innovation and Impact Case Study from Colombia

How can we engage teachers in effective research use? Lessons from international collaborations

Moving from pilots to scale: the case of the CAS mHealth initiative in India