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What Works Global Summit 2016

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London - 26-28 September, 2016

Pre-Summit Workshops: 24-25 September

Is there a magic bullet for achieving quality education for all? Launch of new education review at WWGS

Interview With our Keynote

Improved access to education has failed to translate into learning in many countries. Around 250 million children in low-and middle-income countries cannot read, write, or do basic maths. A range of different education interventions have been implemented to resolve what is being seen as a learning crisis. Do these interventions work?

To examine this important policy question, 3ie carried out a systematic review that synthesised evidence from 238 studies on 216 education programmes in 52 countries.

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WWGS Evening Public Lectures

Interview With our Keynote

The WWGS evening public lectures are open to all.

Beyond average impacts: understanding why policies work (or not)

Over the last few years much progress has been made in evaluating policy initiatives, in particular in developing countries. Many interventions work because they fix specific frictions or market failures. The identification of the mechanisms is done through the use of behavioural models.

Economists researching toilets: why and how?

This presentation by Alison Andrew, Orazio Attanasio, Britta Augsburg, and Bet Caeyers, will use EDePo’s sanitation work as an example of how a research agenda developed.

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Featured Session

Putting Evidence to Work for Politicians: What Works in Knowledge Translation?

Steve Martin and Lauren Carter-Davies, of the Public Policy Institute for Wales (PPIW), will discuss evidence about evidence informed policy, and present a unique initiative where researchers improve policy by working directly with Ministers to support them. The PPIW supplies 'evidence on demand', working with Ministers to identify evidence needs, assist them to become more effective users of external analysis and advice, and to make evidence 'useful'.

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